Will White Chicks 2 Actually Happen?


The internet is so influential. It can overturn governments, change the world market and decide whether it’s to be or not to be for movie sequels we love or hate. Surely, this influence is on once again, since the director let the web decide his fate. Oddly, Marlon Wayans may just get his wish granted, if we can trust his Instagram post since a lot of people actually want to see White Chicks 2 happen.

This post about White Chicks 2 becoming a reality received over 441,000 likes, which is well over the number Wayans had asked just three days ago. This is already the second time the director has tried to stir up interest for the sequel of the pair of FBI agents turned into young girls. The third time could be lucky for Wayans, so he might actually make the movie.

Imagine this: a young famous girl rapper goes missing, and a drug cartel is responsible for this. FBI agents Kevin and Marcus Copeland are given the case and have to save her. Using their skills, they go undercover again – one covers the performing, the other covers public appearances. They have to find the missing girl before they run out of time.


Certainly, there is the matter that all movies get the green light according to their earning potential. Let’s take Wayans’ last franchise, A Haunted House, as an example. There was a decline of approximately 40% between the first and second part, and the budget went up by almost twice. Taking those numbers into consideration, White Chicks 2 is expected to spend around $60 million for production costs, with a gross of roughly $68 million. Taking into account that only 441,000 people are definitely interested in seeing White Chicks 2 and that the average theater ticket is $8.17, that makes a gross of $3.6 million.

According to this rough market survey, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration before actually realizing the idea of a sequel. Firstly, the budget would have to be easy to manage. Roughly $2.5 million was used to make A Haunted House, and that sounds okay, but the profit would be quite small with the figures above-mentioned. Secondly, and most importantly, Crackle distribution platform would help Sony capitalize on the niche market.

Although this is still not a closed deal or even a good idea, White Chicks 2 could actually become a reality and achieve a fair amount of success. Nonetheless, we’re all just daydreaming for now. If there are any updates about this project, we’ll make sure to inform you as soon as that happens.