Alina and Emilija Wellbrock Use Instagram To Earn Millions

The twin sisters Alina and Emilija Wellbrock (24) are talented dancers from Ukraine, but they live in Germany. They look spectacular, and they are taking over the Instagram because of the things they can do with their bodies.

The Wellbrock sisters are just one of the many Instagram stars which became known worldwide thankfully to the internet. These girls are posting photos on Instagram and other social media networks which is putting food on their table and making their life comfortable. Being half-naked definitely helps, though.

Based on the British Independent, the so-called influencers are among the most paid people on the planet. The lifestyle vlogger Zoella earns up to 57,000 euros each month, and she has 11 million Instagram followers. The famous Instagram people explained that they can make around 23,000 euros just on one post.

The market is tough, and even the best such as Justin Bieber or Kendell Jenner were accused of buying followers, likes and comments. These people use their Instagram or Facebook accounts to promote brands, jewelry, clothing and other products.

According to, Jenny McCarty, for example, can earn about 3,500 dollars for a PR post thanks to her 1.1 million fans on Twitter and 670,000 on Instagram. Meanwhile, Cosmopolitan published a table with earnings for Instagram. The “small” influencers or those people who have fewer than 20,000 fans can earn around 20,000 euros per year, while those between 20 and 100,000 fans can reach up to 88,000 euros per year.


However, the people who post half-naked photos on Instagram and other social media networks are sending the wrong message that people can earn money without putting too much work. When it comes to the Wellbrock twins – they did it, but they are just one out of million.