Men In Space Vs. Women In Space

According to NASA, it is important to select more women for the space missions and encourage both men and women astronauts to undergo tests on Earth and in space. NASA confirms that female astronauts are more precise during their stay in space, while male astronauts are faster. At the same time, men have trouble with hearing, while women with the bladder.

The space conditions definitely affect a human body no matter the gender. However, NASA noticed some significant differences between male and female astronauts based on their physiological or psychological response to space flights.

In cooperation with the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, NASA published a research study about cardiovascular, immune, sensorimotor, musculoskeletal, reproductive and behavioral effects of space on men and women.

Because a total of 477 men and only 57 women were subjects, it is hard to draw conclusions, but there are some things that are clearly visible. The male astronauts were less prone to dizziness and disorientation in space unlike their female colleagues, but on the other hand, the men’s ability to see has drastically decreased. Women were prone to bladder inflammation while men lost their ability to hear as well as before. As we have already said, women are more precise in these severe conditions than men are, however, male astronauts were faster in doing various jobs.

According to NASA, more women and man need to be tested in order to gather more info about the effects of space travel. These experiments are conducted both on Earth and in space, according to the science portals. This is why it would be best to send both women and men into space so that they can help each other out in various situations.