All About the New Tech Transforming the Restaurant Business

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Our lives have changed dramatically since the launch of the smartphone, and technology has also transformed the way many businesses operate. The restaurant industry, in particular, has been an early adopter of new technology.

Let’s look at some of the ways restaurants have used new software and apps to improve their business operations.

Restaurant Scheduling Software

Restaurant scheduling software is a cloud-based, employee-centered app that makes the process of creating a schedule for restaurant staff up to 80% faster. It enables staff to submit leave requests and indicate work availability on their phones. Whenever a schedule is posted, staff are notified right away on their phone — this means that the restaurant has a better schedule faster, and employees can plan their personal lives outside work with greater ease.


This software also does a lot more than just create schedules. There are several versions out there, but the best employee scheduling app to try also facilitates team communication, time clocking, workforce management and more. The manager-facing dashboard will keep your decision makers apprised of how the restaurant is really faring, with vital stats on labor costs, sales, and other custom metrics you decide to track.

Imagine an emergency scenario where you need to quickly find somebody to cover a shift — the app makes it easy to send a group message. Everyone receives a notification right away, and whoever is free can tell the group they can cover the shift. Restaurant scheduling software is very popular among small- and medium-sized businesses owned by Millennials, who tend to be ahead of the tech curve.

Point Of Sales Integration

The days of restaurants having a mere cash register are over. Modern Point of Sales (POS) systems do much more than just process sales and accept payments. Have you seen the sleek tablets that your waiter taps? The odds are that this is connected to a POS system that helps analyze data, track inventory, and more.

This technology also helps to get clientele in and out the door faster, which means you can serve more customers. Bonus: modern POS systems integrate easily with most restaurant scheduling software.

Bluetooth Temperature Sensors

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Storing food safely is essential, but manually ensuring it meets safety standards is time-consuming. Now, restaurants in the know use Bluetooth temperature monitoring systems to ensure their food and storage equipment meet safety standards. Managers can customize the settings, and receive a notification if the temperature of stored food goes beyond acceptable thresholds.

The Bluetooth sensors also wirelessly record the temperatures in a log. This doesn’t only free up an employee from performing this mundane task but also ensures that reports can’t be falsified. Because this is all tracked digitally, paper logs become obsolete. This protects product loss and customer safety.

Technology is with us to stay, and it’s only going to keep evolving. Choosing the wrong tech may result in paying money for over-complicated or inadequate solutions. But choosing new technology that really fits your business needs will make your restaurant run smoother and more profitably.