Remote Control Trucks and Cars: A Quick Guide for Beginners

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Having a hobby is important. Among many benefits of having one is that you become well-rounded, healthily deal with stress, and even perform better at work.

One hobby that people are rediscovering is playing with RC vehicles. Both kids and adults can enjoy playing with remote control trucks and cars indoors and outdoors.

Love the bigger version of cars and want to learn more about the remote controlled kind? We’ve got a quick and easy guide to introduce you to the amazing world of remote controlled vehicles!

How Do Remote Control Trucks and Cars Work?

RC vehicles have four main components that help you communicate with them. There’s a power source and then the parts that talk to each other.

You hold the transmitter and broadcast your commands to the toy’s receiver. From there, the motors make the car work the way you want it to.

Which Kind to Buy

There are two main kinds of RC vehicles: toy- and hobby-grade. Here’s some info to help you decide which one to get:


  • Pros: cheaper and more accessible for young kids
  • Cons: when parts break, you can’t replace them and they often have set speed limits


  • Pros: can be upgraded with brand-specific parts and accessories, like Redcat RC Cars and Parts
  • Cons: More expensive than toy-grade

You might want to start with toy-grade if the price is a factor. If you love to customize and hope to enter races, go with hobby-grade.

Power Source

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There are different power sources for your RC car or truck. Here’s what you need to know about each kind:


  • Pros: Run very quiet and easy for beginners to use
  • Cons: Need to be recharged often


  • Pros: Sounds cool and can be easily refilled
  • Cons: Gas isn’t safe for younger kids to use


  • Pros: Great for hands-on enthusiasts and easy to refill
  • Cons: Need more maintenance and special tools

You can always start with electric and get to know nitro and gas vehicles as you get more advanced.

Types of RC Vehicles

These are some of the different designs you can choose from when buying your first RC toys:

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  • Streetcars: Great on flat surfaces, but not a lot of power. Some streetcars can reach up to 40 mph so they’re fun to race.
  • Trucks: Heavy-duty haulers that can take on almost any terrain. Perfect for the great outdoors!
  • Buggies: The best of both worlds. Buggies can climb over rough roads like a truck or race on a flat surface like fast remote control cars.

No matter which one you choose, you’re going to have fun. You even might end up owning one of each!

More Entertainment, More Fun

With all of this info about remote control trucks and cars, you’re ready to rock! Be careful, though: it starts as a hobby but you’ll get so hooked, you’ll start entering races and contests.

If you want to take your downtime to the next level or keep on top of the latest hot games, check out our gaming blog every day!