All About Windscreen Repair And Replacement

There are many reasons for chips and cracks in a windscreen. Almost every driver will come across a cracked or chipped windshield during his/her lifetime. You can do so many things to prevent this  when you know how they usually occur. Here are some of the major reasons for cracks and chips on your windscreen.

Driving on gravel roads is one of the main reasons for cracks or chips on your windscreen. Loose stones on gravel roads can bump onto the windshield and damage it. Slowing down on gravel roads and on roads where there are loose stones can reduce the risk of windshield cracks and chips. This will prevent the loose stone from hitting the auto glass at a higher speed. Whenever you drive on roads with loose stones or gravel roads, you should always perform a quick windscreen check. This will help you to take immediate action in case there are any cracks or chips on the auto glass.

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Improperly fitted or aged windscreens can also increase the risk of cracks and chips on the glass. If you have fitted a new auto glass due to a problem with the previous glass, make sure it is properly fitted by a professional window replacement technician. Improperly fitted screens are more susceptible to cracks and chips over time. Improperly fitted screens are unsafe in case of an auto accident or collision. That’s why you should always rely on a reputable and experienced windscreen repair and replacement company to do the needful.

Adverse weather conditions could make these problems. Flying debris is common during stormy weather conditions. On the other hand, hailstones can also damage the auto glass of your vehicle. Make sure you park the vehicle in a closed building or garage during the winter months. Keep the auto glass warm and covered to protect it during such seasons. Sudden changes in temperature can cause the windshield to expand. When this happens, even the smallest crack can appear to be a large one. You should inspect the auto glass more often in winter season compared to any other season. These are important factors to consider to prevent your windscreen from being cracked or chipped unnecessarily. You will save a lot of time and money by avoiding these conditions and saving your windshield. 

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Windscreen repair & replacement is a highly specialised job that should be undertaken only by a professional repair company, like With hundreds of such services in town, choosing the right company isn’t easy. There are many things to look for when choosing the best company in town and your extensive research is crucial.