How To Unlock Your Car With Your Mobile Phone


A clever, modern woman does very well behind the wheel of a car. But sometimes our car refuses to obey us. Your vehicle broke down, or maybe you forgot your keys? You don’t know what to do, and in 10 minutes you have an important meeting. Don’t panic! It is worth taking some valuable advice before deciding to call for help. Thanks to these tips, the life of the driver will become much more manageable. See how to deal with these emergencies.

Thanks to modern technology, the world is changing fast. Motorization is also developing at a steady pace. Car manufacturers are making many improvements to improve driving comfort and safety. Therefore, modern women should consciously use them. As a result, driving will become much more comfortable.

A blocked car? Use your mobile phone!

Have you ever lost your car keys? Or have you locked them in the trunk? That’s not a problem anymore. You don’t have to go home to get your spare keys or ask someone to bring them to you. Thanks to modern technology you can unlock your car with your mobile phone.

Just call the person who is in the apartment on your mobile phone. Then tell her to bring the keys to the phone with an auto diagnostics app, acquired from FIXD for example, and press the unlock button on the spare keys. At this point, you’ve got to place the phone near the lock in the door of the car. After a while, your vehicle should open. Simple? Remember that the distance between the people on the phone does not matter. They can help you even if there are hundreds of kilometers between you. A car diagnostic app can not only save you time but also your career or a nice evening with your fiance. The problem begins when the app shows you error codes. There are five, p0010 code, p0011 code, p0012 code, p0013 code, and p0014 code. The app will explain them to you and show you the best and cheapest way to deal with them.

Did you slip?

Modern cars have many systems to help you in difficult situations on the road. Not only do they enable proper parking, exiting from slipping on the road, but they also support braking and signal the arrival of an oncoming vehicle in a deadlock. For example, Volkswagen has introduced a semi-automatic “Park Assist” system in Passat and Tijuana to help the driver park parallel to the road.

If such systems are an additional part of your car’s equipment, you should remember and use them. But what should you do if your car does not have any other equipment? You will undoubtedly get more braking performance by braking at the limit of the first signs of wheel slippage. You can also achieve it on a slope by braking with the engine. Experts always advise you to pulse braking on slippery surfaces.

It is worth remembering that if you double your speed, e.g., from 20 to 40 km/h, the braking distance will increase fourfold from 4m to 16 m. If you increase the speed three times from 20 to 60 km/h, the braking distance will increase nine times, from 4 to 36 m! If you want the brake to react immediately to a sudden stop, you should test it beforehand. Service brake control is based on observation of the indicator lamp, checking the brake pedal play and the level of brake fluid in the tank.

A problem with a car in winter?

Remember to set the gear shift lever to neutral before starting the engine at low ambient temperature. Then press down on the clutch pedal. It will disengage the engine from a gearbox where oil thickens from low temperatures and makes it challenging to turn parts of the engine. Besides, you should also switch off unnecessary power consumers. Many women believe that in the cold, you need to warm up the engine properly to get going. Nothing could be further from the truth! Such behavior can only contribute to its excessive wear and tear. It is best to start the car and start driving smoothly after 5 seconds. We must remember that the engine of a vehicle working under load heats up much faster.

Red indicator lights

Your car broke down? What if it’s the radiator’s fault? To investigate the cause of the malfunction, always observe the lights. Remember that if you light up while driving one of these lights, you should stop the vehicle immediately. For example, if you see a red indicator light with a battery illuminated, you must stop driving and check the tension of the V-belt. It’s not difficult. Sometimes it is enough to lift the hood and check the level of coolant, brake fluid or oil in the engine.

Modern motoring often surprises us. If you want to feel confident in your car, you should carefully follow the latest developments. Some car manufacturers (e.g., Chrysler) make models available with wireless Internet, reversing camera, a satellite navigation system, or other additional applications. The field of nanotechnology is also developing. Scientists claim that in the future you will be able to start your car with a credit card.