All-New iPhone 8 Feature In Store For Us?!


iPhone 8 has entered production recently, and that means that we are in for a leak galore! As soon as it hits the assembly line, we are in for new photos, leaks, and fresh information about the upcoming device. Recently we stumbled upon a news showing a component on the assembly line. Many speculate that the mysterious feature is the one that will recognize user’s face and replace the TouchID system.

Since these leaks are unofficial of course, we can’t say for sure whether this really is the said element, but it seems that replacement of the fingerprint scanning is inevitable. We don’t yet know whether Apple will switch to facial recognition, but there is no other viable option besides that one. Of course, nothing is definite until Tim Cook says so. And he will have the opportunity to do so as early as September where he will reveal the iPhone 8 alongside two new iPhone 7S models.

Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple – Source:

There have been numerous reports about the performance of the system that is used for facial recognition. Even though it doesn’t have an official name yet, people labeled it as ‘Face ID.’ Ming-Chi Kuo who has been ‘investigating’ Apple for years now claims that the iPhone’s ability to recognize a face and unlock the phone with it will be almost ‘instantaneous.’ Rivals such as Microsoft’s Windows Hello take a few seconds to recognize the face and unlock the device. If Apple aims to better its rivals they sure need to make it work faster. TouchID was a great feature, and we all expect ‘FaceID’ to be even better.

How tough will it be for engineers of the company to make this facial recognition feature immaculate? Well, it is going to be quite hard. When it comes to finger scanning there can be only a few obstacles which would slow down the process. Only a few environmental conditions can tamper with the fingerprint reader. On the other hand, the environment around your face is changing constantly, so this new feature will have to deal with a lot of fuzzy information. It has to be really accurate because the slightest error can lead to your phone being locked forever. Speed is another aspect that is all too important, and people will surely compare Facial ID’s speed to TouchID’s speed of unlocking.


Yet again, we repeat that this is a gamble, but those who don’t risk don’t usually win. Will it be as efficient as everyone expects? Can it really replace the TouchID and be even better? How can it cope with user’s facial biometric information? Is it safe? Will it pay off? Is it worth the risk? We will see in the coming months.

The Cupertino based tech giant is reportedly working on some case-scenarios referring to TouchID and FaceID. Someone peeked inside the latest iOS 11 beta code and revealed that this OS has the ability to force an iPhone to ask for the security code when it turns on which effectively disables both TouchID and FaceID until this code is entered. According to this geek, five taps on the home button activate it, and there is no doubt that there will be another trigger key or area on the touch screen that would carry out this function on the upcoming device.

Tim Cook has to make sure that this facial recognition feature works immaculately since millions of gadget-lovers are expecting exactly that from him Apple. If it proves to be a success, surely this would become the killer feature of the iPhone 8. On the other hand, if it fails the iPhone 8 could become one of Apple’s biggest flops and busts.