Ryan Reynolds Would Like an R-Rated Deadpool & Avengers Crossover Movie

Source: movieweb.com

The highly anticipated Deadpool 2 producer and star would enjoy meshing with the Avengers in a crossover movie. However, there’s a snag.

In one of the interviews Ryan Reynolds did with Total Film, he was asked if he would enjoy seeing Avengers together with Deadpool. He responded with so much enthusiasm:

“That sounds like a great idea but a very expensive idea. Can you imagine the s**t-talking contest with Iron Man? Oh, that would be great. But it would have to be rated R to completely unharness everybody. Unbridle the merriment and watch them go …”

Undoubtedly, there would be a lot of sparks flying everywhere, not only between Wade Wilson and Tony Stark, but also between Wilson and Bruce Banner, Wilson and Steve Rogers, Wilson and Natasha Romanoff, and so on. Nonetheless, before we can even hope about this becoming reality, there are a lot of negotiations that would have to happen.

Source: movieweb.com

First things first, Fox (owns Deadpool) and Marvel/Disney would have to create some kind of universe-sharing agreement, in much the same way as Marvel and Sony settled the Spider-Man collaboration. Fox VS. Marvel war has been going on for some time now, and they may have softened in some aspects, such as trading the rights to Negasonic Teenage Warhead for the rights to Ego the Living Planet or letting Deadpool return to Marvel. But, those were just small arrangements comparing to anything related to Fantastic Four, Deadpool or other important X-Men characters, all of which are owned by Fox.

Hypothetically, if they do make a movie including both Deadpool and the Avengers, the R-rating would be an obstacle, as Marvel Studios have been determined about making PG-13 movies. Deadpool’s bloodier and more vulgar vibe would conflict with the MCU’s more family-friendly outlines.

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So let’s pin this to Reynold’s wishful thinking. However, it’s more likely that in the meantime he will be put together with the X-Men, maybe only because they are all under the same corporation.

As for shooting Deadpool 2, they are back on track, after the terrible accident and death of Joi Harris, the stuntwoman. The scheduled date for Deadpool 2’s arrival is June 1, 2018.