Kansas City Chiefs vs. Seattle Seahawks – Preseason Week 3 Predictions

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If we had to pick a team that impressed us the most so far in the Preseason, we would have to roll with the Seattle Seahawks. Last year, Wilson had a lot of nagging injuries that bothered him throughout the year. In the end, he did make a recovery, but could never find his groove the way he did in 2015. Now, he is going to be healthy, ready to show that he belongs in that Tier 1 of the quarterbacks in the NFL.

It feels like they need to find their running game and find what is working for them when it comes to earning some yards on the ground. Ever since Marshawn Lynch decided to split from the team and retire, the running game hasn’t been the same in Seattle. If they can figure something out in the Preseason, they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Wilson saw some action in the last match, and we think that he is going to play again. At least in the first half.

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As far as the Chiefs go, they found some new weapons on the offensive side of the ball last year. Ware and Tyreek Hill have been great for this team, but can they continue doing the same in 2017? Is Hill really that big playmaker that can carry this squad and Alex Smith? Will Mahomes II see some action in the regular season if Smith starts playing bad?

We will see about that. As far as this game goes, we believe that the Seahawks are on a bit of a role and we don’t think that the Chiefs will stop them in Seattle this week. Our pick for this duel is the Seahawks, they will win the matchup 27:17.