All You Need to Know about Illinois Video Gaming

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During the late ‘90s, Illinois decided to implement a little thing called the Riverboat Gambling Act. And, since the law was implemented, slot machines and other gambling machines have grown in popularity all over the state – which now has over 10 active casinos.

However, almost 20 years later, they decided to enact another law, and this time, it was under the name of the Video Gaming Act. This law allows businesses that have liquor licenses to place up to 6 slot machines on their premises.

You are probably reading this article because you want to learn more about the video gaming world in Illinois, and if so, this article might be able to clear some things up. In the text below, you will learn about how and who regulates these establishments, as well as what are some of the best casinos to visit while in this US state. Let’s take a closer look:

What Businesses Can Implement Slot Machines?

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The first thing you should know is that the businesses need to be situated in districts that actually allow the bill. Some districts in this state do not allow the previously mentioned businesses to feature slot machines, hence, if you find yourself in this state, you might not find gambling machines in each district there.

Besides having a liquor license, people will also need to apply to get a gaming license to satisfy the requirements of the Illinois Gaming Board. The establishments that can feature only six slot machines include:

1. Any Liquor Licensed Company – any firm that allows people to buy liquor and allows them to consume it on their property can feature a slot machine. This includes places such as bars, restaurants, as well as hotels, motels, coffee shops, hostels, and other companies that have obtained the license.

2. Truck Stops or Grocery Shops – these establishments need to fulfill a few requirements including at least a 3-acre facility, individual diesel isles, they need to sell at least 10 thousand gallons of gas per month, and they need to have a parking lot/space for vehicles. Once they fulfill all of these things, they can implement a slot machine or machines on their premises.

3. Veteran Organizations – veteran organizations need a national charter in order for them to add any slot machines to their business/organization location.

Why Do Businesses Add Slots?

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When you think about it, there are various reasons why someone would add a slot machine on their premises, however, the most common reason for this happening is because it appeals and attracts more customers – and by having more customers, businesses can generate bigger revenue.

The benefits business owners can reap include gaining entrance to a new market and the people who choose to visit their business actually tend to return frequently to their establishments. Utilizing the previously mentioned law will not only bring more profit to liquor-licensed places, but it also boosts the financial stability of Illinois.

According to Universal Gaming Group, the profit earned from people using these gambling machines is shared by the city, state, the terminal operators, and of course, the business that implemented it. So, the state takes 30 percent, the operator 34 percent, the location featuring the machine 34 percent, and the games admin fee get 0.85 percent.

What Video Gaming Places to Visit While There

The Illinois Video Gaming world has developed quite a lot, and Illinois now has 10 casinos that people frequently go to. If you are ever in this state and if you are feeling like trying your lick, you will want to visit at least one of the casinos mentioned below. The ones you should visit include:

1. Jumper’s Rock Island

This one is considered by many to be the best betting places in the US – of course, besides the casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. It features high-quality slot machines, various table games, great accommodations, services, and a mesmerizing restaurant. Do not be surprised when you see eighteen table games and almost one thousand slot machines in this great casino.

2. Harrah’s

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This establishment is located in the center of the historic Joliet. Harrah’s is often described as the most fun location in Illinois and although it is filled with a wide range of machines and table games, it does have a fun but calming atmosphere. Once there, you will find over a thousand themed slots, over two hundred poker games, and of course, the famous table games that people enjoy playing so much.

3. Hollywood Casino

It is worth mentioning that this casino was once known as the Empress Casino. Now, if you want to visit an establishment that will offer you comfort, a wide range of amenities, and tidiness, go to this place. It is incredibly large and it has a new gaming floor that features over 1.200 slots and video poker machines. Rest assured that you can find whatever game you like once there.

4. Elsie’s Place

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At this casino/restaurant, people can enjoy playing on slot machines while eating their delicious meals and sipping on their favorite beverage. Elsie’s has a chain of gaming and restaurant venues, hence, you will be able to find them all around Illinois. The charm of these places is that there are all quiet, relaxed, and they offer visitors a unique experience of dining and enjoying their favorite slot games.

5. Sophia’s Video Gaming Cafe

Now for the perfect combination of a relaxing atmosphere and delicious finger-licking food, you should definitely choose to visit Sophia’s Video Gaming Cafe. The cafe was recently remodeled and is located in Downtown Historic Beecher in Illinois. Like the previously mentioned place, this one also features slot machines, hence, you will simply need to choose a meal and beverage, sit down, and relax.


As you can see, there are a lot of things to know about the video gaming world in Illinois. Hence, if you are planning to visit this state, do not forget to opt for at least one or two places from this article. Especially the ones that offer the experience of dining and playing slot machines.