Alphabet Inc (GOOG)’s Google Unveils Its Version 2.0 Developer Kit

Version 2.0 of the Android Studio integrated development environment (IDE) was launched by Google today. This version will make writing apps for Androids easy.

Features like Instant Run, faster emulator, and new GPU profiler have been added to Version 2.0.  The update isn’t available all the developers, however, previews have been uploaded on the canary channel.

The developers’ kit was first of all released in 2013 in beta version. A full version was released a year later, in December 2014. And 5 new versions have been released since then. All tools for app development are present on the Android Studio to make the job easier for the developers.

The previous versions stressed more upon being stable and delightful for the developers. This version is a bit different. Stephanie Cuthbertson, the Google product manager for Android, says that Version 2.0 is all about speed. The newer version is almost 2x to 2.5x faster than the previous version for building code, whereas the incremental builds are almost 50x faster!

The biggest improvement in this latest version is “Instant Run”. This feature allows you to reload an app build to notice various changes caused to it. With this feature, any change in the codes will be dumped into the device or emulator instantly. You just need to build and deploy their codes to their device or emulator only once! This feature is available to all app supported by Android ICS and above.

In the latest version, the developers have the option to easily generate and test deep links directly from the IDE. Further, Google has also introduced new emulators that are capable of running faster than most physical devices. This enables the developers to run their apps on such powerful emulators first to test their performance within a blink of their eyes.

Version 2.0 of the Android Studio also includes a new GPU profiler, which allows the developers to track the developments instantaneously. The new GPU Profiler also allows you to profile your code. You can see various details about the GL State and commands.

App indexing is another corner that Google has covered with its latest version. App indexing allows contents from apps to the search engines. This has been made possible through the collaboration of the Android Studio and the Search team.

The new version brings a host of new features and has kept speed as the priority. The previous version was extremely stable and easy to use. The new version will be a huge success owing to the speed that it provides and also because of its new interface.