Alshon Jeffery Signs With Cowboys’ Rivals


Just a day after Brandon Marshall decided to go to the NFC East and join the New York Giants, another team has boosted their wideout lineup, and that squad is also from the NFC East, the division that Cowboys won this past season. Philly and Alshon Jeffery have agreed to a 1-year deal that is going to pay him 14M dollars.

Carson Wentz had a decent rookie season last year, but it was obvious that he lacks some big-time targets that are going to make those big plays for him and his team. Now, with Alshon in the house, he has that number one guy that he can go to when there are no other options. This also opens up other possibilities for the Eagles as other defenses will be focused on stopping the go-to man.


This is also impacting the Cowboys. They still haven’t made a major move in the Free Agency as they are trying to trade Tony Romo. With both ex-Bears receivers, Marshall and Jeffery, now in the NFC East, they are going after that Dallas’ defense twice a year, and they are going to be challenging the ‘Boys.

Teams around the Cowboys are getting better while they are not doing anything to fill their holes. Meanwhile, other squads in the division are going after big-time playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, and that might be troubling for the ‘Boys. They had a great year, but now it’s time for them to make some decisions and bring in some players and boost that defense so they can repeat what they did last year and maybe even go further as that certainly is the plan for this franchise.