Fate of the Furious Trailer 2 Reveals More Saucy Details


The Fast and the Furious has had a colorful history behind it, which has been lasting for 16 years now. This transformed them into one of the best franchises ever becoming a large success and earning world-wide popularity. As a result, we could see prosperous careers for those who made part of it, such as Vin Deisel and Wonder Woman‘s Gal Gadot. The seventh installment went out two years ago, and as we all recall, it had a sad note to it, regarding the sudden death of Paul Walker.

The first trailer for the movie, which managed to establish a new record, gave us some more information regarding the sequel. In the next movie to come, Dom (played by Vin Deisel) will be seen going against his group and teaming up with notorious Charlize Theron’s villainous hacker character. Soon followed another trailer which focused on Dom and Letty enjoying their honeymoon, which is why the audience is longing for the next installment even more wondering what happened to Dom so he decided to go against his family.

Mirabella Mumbai recently posted on Twitter that the new trailer of Fast and Furious 8 is arriving on Thursday just proving how popuar this movie will be. Live-stream will start at 8:30 pm Mumbai time and 10:30 am EST in the States. You can read the tweet below:

Here’s a golden opportunity to watch the brand new trailer of @FastFurious , March 9, at #TheHouseofMirabella#F8AtTheHouseOfMirabella #F8 pic.twitter.com/CgOux5oi6M

Having in mind that the movie is coming soon, in only a month and a half, this new trailer shows us few more quite saucy details. However, the producers were very careful not to reveal too much. So far we know that Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw will pal up with the group, while the fans are eager of having more of Helen Mirren on the screen. Check out the new trailer and see what else you can expect to see in the newest installment.

As the day of release is getting closer, we’ll be having more and more rumors and information to discuss. For instance, a new poster has given the idea of seeing a potential fight between Vin Diesel and The Rock. So, stay tuned!