Dallas Cowboys Exploring Trade Options For Tony Romo


Yesterday, it was reported that the Dallas Cowboys are willing to give up on Tony Romo and that they are going to release him on Thursday. His salary is taking a big hit on the cap of the team, and Jerry Jones‘ hands are a bit handcuffed in the Free Agency because of that.

They are not trading him because he is a bad player. They just don’t have the luxury of paying their backup quarterback that much money. It’s not easy to find a trading partner for a guy that has the talent but has a lot of trouble staying on the field. That is why his salary is a problem as nobody wants to pay a lot of money for a guy that is going to spend most of his time on the injured reserve list.

It seems that Jones changed his mind about releasing Tony Romo as he wants to get something in return for him. He probably thinks that Tony Romo still has some worth on the trading market and he realizes that there are teams that need a QB badly. Bears just overpaid for Mike Glennon, and that may be the reason why Jones wants to get something in return for his backup.


If some teams that are desperate enough are ready to pay a guy like Glennon 45 million dollars over three years, why wouldn’t someone take a shot on Tony Romo, a guy that is proven and is for sure a better player than Glennon. Denver and Houston were the franchises that were interested in Romo when they heard that he is going to be released. That is why they are probably the prime candidates for Romo’s destination. But now, the difference is that he won’t chose to go there, and he won’t come for free. These teams will need to give up a pick and hope that they outbid their rival in this chase for Romo.