AMD Announces New Radeon Pro WX Series

Radeon Pro WX

AMD has announced their new “Radeon Pro WX Series”. These new workstation cards are designed to be optimized for the creators, whether it be game developing, movie making or product design. These new workstation video cards can fulfill the needs of any workstation customer. Based on AMD’s Polaris architecture, these new graphics cards are built for those who want workstation performance, for a low cost.

These 3 new graphics cards are the WX 4100, WX 5100, and the WX 7100. Each retailing for under $1000, comparing to the older FirePro lineup which was more than $3000. The 4100, being for small form factor workstations, the 5100 for real time design and manufacturing including CAM and CAD. And the 7100 for demanding media workflows such as image creation, and video editing.

The new “Radeon Pro Series” is a continuation of AMD’s older workstation graphics card lineup, the FirePro W series. The Radeon Pro WX series utilizes the same numbering system as the FirePro, meaning that the WX series is a replacement for the past workstation lineup.

With the workstation market growing, and 4K displays becoming more popular, AMD’s new lineup of WX graphics cards can support up to four 5K displays at once. These new graphics cards are even capable of creating VR content, which is something that would very much appeal to workstation customers at this price point.

The WX 7100 includes 8GB of VRAM, 2304 stream processors and can deliver 5.9 teraflops of double precision performance. The WX 5100, can deliver 5.2 teraflops of single precision performance , includes 8GB of VRAM as well as 1792 stream processors. And last however not least, the WX 4100 includes 4GB of VRAM, 1024 stream processors and 2.5 teraflops of single precision performance. Clocks have not been announced yet.

It seems that AMD has hit the market with high-end products for a very low price tag. First was the RX 480, and now it’s VR capable workstation GPUs for under $1000, certainly a smart move by AMD. We can only hope to see more products such as this in the future.