Amp up Your Tradeshow Display Booth with Digital Technology

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Tradeshows provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand’s products and services. The biggest advantage is that they are targeted to people who truly want to be there. Exhibiting at tradeshows allows you to speak directly to your target audience, and to build upon your existing customer base.

The challenge is to ensure that your exhibit display booth stands out from the crowd of competing exhibitors. At any given tradeshow, there are dozens if not hundreds of other vendors exhibiting, so the key to a successful tradeshow exhibit display is to build something creative and unique. 

You want to trigger curiosity from attendees as they pass by your booth. The goal is to provide a long-lasting impression of your brand utilizing enticing marketing techniques, leaving attendees to walk away with a positive feeling that they will want to share with others.

To give your attendees a memorable experience, incorporate interactive technology into your display booth. To find out how to upgrade your next tradeshow event with innovative digital tactics click here — in the meantime, consider these interactive digital technology examples as inspiration for your next event.

Digital Touchscreen Kiosks

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From display stands for tablet devices to standalone touchscreen displays, digital kiosks can offer unique interaction and self-service functionality at events. 

Touchscreen kiosks are a great way to share research and information about your brand, as attendees are given the option to navigate at their own pace. They feel a sense of control, which ultimately leaves a positive impression of your business. 

The kiosks also provide useful tracking options regarding information attendees were particularly interested in, which you and your staff can analyze once the event comes to an end. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

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Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment that individuals interact with via a headset, creating a real physical space. VR marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools currently available — 75% of the world’s top brands have integrated VR into their content strategies.  

VR is guaranteed to excite and intrigue as it transports attendees to completely different worlds. It brings products and services to life with an immersive experience that no other marketing tool can provide. 

Consider how the Mexican tequila brand Patrón Spirits took users on a personalized VR tour of its Hacienda distillery from the perspective of the company’s iconic symbol, the bee. 

Wearing VR headsets, users experienced how the classic Mexican drink is made from start to finish, taking in the sights and sounds as they gained a unique appreciation for the brand and its origins. 

Exciting experiences such as these provide positive brand association, building upon awareness and loyalty. 

There are so many exciting options to explore when you bring the power of interactive digital technology to your tradeshow display booth. Captivate event attendees with impressive virtual reality technology and self-serving digital kiosks. 

When you invest a little extra creativity into developing a digital marketing strategy, event attendees are guaranteed to bring their memorable experience home with them.