AMS and Tesla enter into new project

Tesla has once more won the storage contract for massive energy just weeks of announcement of one of the biggest projects on energy storage ever. The company will make available ‘Powerpacks’ to Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS), its deployment partner in energy storage meant for a new project of 34MWh/7MW systems of battery network so as to assist Irvine Ranch Water District water treatment.

This is part of the agreement Tesla signed with AMS last year which will under the contract allow Tesla supply energy storage not less than 500 MWh to AMS. This project is termed the biggest project yet between the companies.

The other project handled are Cal State University 12 MWh, different office buildings located in Irvine and the Powerpack system of 1MW that is located in San Francisco skyscraper in Morgan Stanley.

AMS in press briefing on Tuesday described the project with Tesla as the biggest energy storage systems network to be sited in the United Stated for a public water agency.

Mary Aileen Matheis board president of IRWD said their agency has moved a step forward in the demands of energy for its customers and create a good balance for such demand in Southern California. She said that the project which is the biggest in the nation will reduce cost, increase grid stability, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with a carbon footprint that is smaller.

A lot of energy and in particular electricity is consumed in California in logistics for water treatment.  The treatment and transportation of water California Energy Commission says, the wastewater treatment disposal and energy needed to consume and heat up water account demands almost 20% of the whole energy in electricity that is needed and 30% of plant that is non-power of natural gas used up in California.

There will be more reduction of energy consumption and demand for water treatment with the new energy storage system.

Tesla will provide 370 Powerpacks, battery packs, while AMS will finance, install, design as well as operate the energy storage at IRWD location facilities. This within under 10 years power agreement with purchase in Southern California Edison (SCE) which is still the same company that got in touch with Tesla for the 80 MWh Powerpack which is the major system substation at Mira Loma. The duty of AMS will be to reduce and manage the battery pack system as required by SCE’s grid.

There is a cost savings of not less than $500, 000 in a year with the new project on the energy bill according to IRWD.