Guides on Spanish language voting requirements make it way to Google search

Google in its effort to encourage more people, in this case, Americans to register so that they can vote on the day of election has received more push with the company increasing the guides for voter information found on its search button to Spanish. The company was only concerned with providing searched made in English to show people how they can be registered as well as how to vote using their location as a guide.

So when a Google user who is using its search engine types in words, they will have the same thing they typed in translated into Spanish. The location of the user will be the primary determinant in this case. So, there will registration guidelines according to each state that is tailored to the user’s location and not generalised information. This feature will also enable the users to get the information on how to register early and also how to vote using mail.

The loop can be seen on YouTube videos with spotlights from YouTube creators and stars that are well known making use of #voteIRL campaign. A playlist on ‘Register to Vote’ is also available showing how quick and easy it is to register by well known celebs and stars of YouTube.

The company says it motive is to make more people to register since they are the ones that at the end of the day make it to the day of election to vote. The data available and gotten from Census Bureau of the U.S shows that in November 2012, 86% of the people that registered voted.

Increasing the available voter information to Spanish language will create a huge impact in this election that is historic, and would allow Hispanic voters who have been seen to support Clinton more than Trump to have a threatening hand should they decide to come out and vote in their large numbers.

Data available from Pew Research shows that only 49% which is about half of Latinos are said to be certain that they have registered so as to vote. This is in comparison the with 80% white and 69% blacks that share the same opinion.

Obviously, Google’s decision to include the Spanish language to its search bar which will show users how little time it takes to register, the requirements for voting as well as the days and hour will have such huge impact on the voting as a whole.