An Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Dedicated Server

Finding the best-dedicated server for your business can be a tougher task than first thought. In order to find the best-dedicated server, you need to understand what requirements your web hosting provider needs to have.

In this article, we are going to give you the ultimate guide of how to choose the best server for your business.

Finding the Best Dedicated Server

1.    Technology

The first place we start is here and from here on you can slowly start to tick off the many boxes required to finding a great dedicated server USA.

  • Processor: A Xeon or dual Xeon server is the best one for stuff such as video-transcoding, SQL, chat applications, and such
  • Bandwidth: There are mainly two options here, more bandwidth, and even more bandwidth. The former one is for websites with high traffic, while the latter one is for websites with more HD pictures, multimedia files, etc.
  • Memory: Memory is an important requirement. The more memory RAM you have, the better the speed of the server itself.
  • OS: Taking into consideration the type of applications you will be using, the main two types of OS for your server will be Windows and Linux.
  • Storage: Your website needs to store its data, so for this, we suggest using RAID. RAID is a preferred option because if your hard drive fails, you will have an instant backup of your data.
  • Applications: If you are planning on hosting MS SQL, ASP.NET or Microsoft IIS, then go for a Windows Dedicated Server. If you are planning on using LAMP or MEAN, then stick to a Linux server.

2.    Security

Before choosing the best-dedicated server in the USA, you will need to take into consideration the security. Servers are prone to hacker attacks, and security needs to be on point in order for your website to not be compromised in any way. Except for hacker attacks, other security questions need to be asked like fire protection, data privacy, power supply, hardware protection, etc.

3.    Analyze your Requirements

Choosing the best-dedicated server cannot be done without properly analyzing what your requirements are. If you are unfamiliar with this, we can give you a few tips on how to achieve that.

  • Type of Server: There is a specific type of server you need to use depending on what you will be actually doing. Those types of servers are:

–    File Server

–    Database Server

–    Domain Server

–    Application Server

–    Communication Server

–    Print Server
  • Traffic: Another important requirement to know is how much traffic you will see each month.
  • Application: Yet another important requirement that you need to know is the type of applications that you will be using, and how resource hungry those apps will be. If they are indeed resourced hungry, then choosing for a high computing power server will be extremely beneficial for you.
  • Operating System: yet again, analyzing on which types of applications you will be using is vital towards making the decision of running a Windows Dedicated Server or Linux Dedicated Server.

4.    How Many Users Will be Using the Server

This is yet another important question to ask yourself. If only you are planning on using the server, then choosing a Bare Metal Server is the right choice for you. However, if multiple users are planning on using the server, then go for a Hypervisor Server.