Android users can now play video in the background with new Chrome

There is no cause for alarm for Android users after Google released a new version, 53, for its Chrome browser for Windows, Linux and Mac few days ago. To show how much the company cares about the users of Android, they created Google Chrome Beta for which is version 54 for mobile OS.

They added new cool features that will enable Android users to have their video play in the background and also for a playback. This ability to play video in the background seems to be the most captivating thing about the version.

For other versions such as 53, once another app is opened or the user goes to the home screen, the video will automatically pause. So with the new version, the videos will still be paused but there will be an option for the user which can be activated to allow media notification. So with the new version, the audio of the video will still be playing even when other apps are in use.

This is workable with the mobile web and will have the ability to get pages that are running actively in the background. The experience for the users will be like that of YouTube on mobile web where they will get notifications because they are using a video sharing site.

For the audio streaming, the tracks that are playing will continue uninterrupted even if an app is in use or the user return to home screen.

Before now, playing video in the background was the preserve of YouTube Red users which is subscribed to with a fee. So the probability that the feature will be gotten rid of when eventually Android gets it Chrome version 54 is high.

There will be the absence of Recent Tabs and Bookmarks in the feature while others such as the frequently viewed pages, Google logo will be untouched. To access those other ones, a drop down will appear at the top of the right side of the UI.

There also a recommendation option for the new version which has been said to be like what Google Now gives to its users.

Android Police said that they do not get recommendations for their articles through Google Now which means that they run on different data source.

With the new version, there will be Custom Elements V1 and Broadcast API for developers.Users are warned to expect some hitches since the app is still in a beta stage and is still running

Users are warned to expect some hitches since the app is still in a beta stage and is still running trial to get complains from users for improvement of the app.