Anime Dating Sims App: Everything You Need to Know


Anime is a type of cartoon that many people find enjoyment while watching it. It is a special kind of cartoon that originates from Japan and it plays an important role in Japanese modern day culture.  But the west is where it seems anime is most popular. With major anime hits like Naruto, One Punch Man, Bleach, One Piece, etc, anime has slowly spread to the western countries shorelines. The super popular cartoons are an excellent way to enjoy quality TV and relax after school or work. But the rise in popularity of anime has called for the creation of Anime Dating Sims Apps.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything there is to know about these anime dating apps.

What Can You Expect From These Dating Apps?

They Are Dramatic


Every aspect of anime has drama written all over it. And you should expect the same from anime dating sims apps. The best thing about these dating sims is that they offer unique experiences that no one would expect to happen to them in real life. The reason why people enjoy them is because of the random stories and random plot twists. In one story, you could be dating a half human half horse, how random is that?

Faulty Characters


Contrary to popular beliefs, but the characters in these dating sims apps are just as faulty as us in real life. They are meant to show us our flaws as humans. They are by no means perfect, just like us, and they will make mistakes along the road. If you choose to kill your character, he will not be immune to death.

Relatable Stories


Story writers and game designers do their best to portrait to you a story that you can relate in anime dating sims apps. While the characters might be attractive and drama overwhelms every situation, the stories are meant to be relatable. This is done so that you’d think twice before making a decision.

The Types of Dating Sims


Shonen means young people in Chinese and this type of dating sims are meant for the younger male population to enjoy. Shonen dating sims will usually feature a young male protagonist with a mix of action, adventure, comedy, and romantic game genre elements.



Seinen is another type of dating sims app that is aimed towards male college students and adults. This type of dating sims is more satirical in nature and it has more violence in them. Seinen dating sims apps are psychologically intense and call for more mature decisions. The most popular Seinen anime series are One Punch Man, Puzzle of Love, and Passionate Puzzle made by


The first dating app category that caters to the young female population is called Shoujo. This type is more focused around romance and interpersonal relationships, as well as, action. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that the Shoujo type of dating sims have a ton of comedy and adventure in them.



Josei anime dating sims apps are the most romantic of them all and they are meant for adult females. The story in these types of dating sims is quite dark and intense. There is a substantial amount of erotic involved and the game will usually show a simple life, followed by heavy erotic action that will keep you interested. The story is quite interactive and you have to make decisions that will eighter forge or destroy relationships. The most popular Josei games are Seduce Me, Hustle Cat, and Clanned.

What Can You Do With Anime Dating Sims Apps?

We’ve talked about what can you expect from these dating sims apps and we’ve also talked about the types of dating sims apps. But you should know that there is far more to these dating sims apps that meet the eye. There are a lot of things that you can do with anime dating sims apps, and we are going to tell you the most interesting ones.

Enjoy the Game With Friends

Meant for real anime fans, these games are meant for you to play with your friends and enjoy them. Group up together an enjoy the ones with a multiplayer option available, we promise it will be an experience you will never forget.

Host Anime Parties


Once you’ve played a few of them, you can do the right thing and invite everyone over for a party. This party is meant for you and your friends to tell each other’s interesting plots and twists while playing these anime dating sims apps. Go online and browse for anime themed party accessories. You’d be surprised to see the stuff you find and don’t worry you can thank us later for that.