Call Tracking Service – how can your business benefit from it


Businesses receive hundreds, if not thousands of calls every day. In the US alone, there are more than 160 billion calls annually. However, there is a question that arises, what do the calls translate to? Those number, simply mean that you have tons of people calling you and they are all potential customers. However, how do you know who called you? By implementing a call tracking software, you will gain more insight than ever before. Suddenly, all of the voices are not voices anymore. The voices become important information that has various benefits for your performance in the future. In this article, you will be able to read about what this software is, how does it work, as well as what its benefits are. Let’s take a look.

What is call tracking software?


Every business deserves to know why their customers are calling them. They need to know who called them, as well as when, how, and for how long did the call last. While this was difficult to know in the past, today, with a call tracking software it is easier than ever.

How does it work?

You might be reading this article and keep thinking, okay, that sound amazing but, how does it actually work? Well, unlike other software, this one is pretty simple and easy to use. While there are various ways on how the software works, one of the most popular ones is where a part of JavaScript is added to your website or to the landing page that displays a call tracking number when a visitor is sent to your site by a tracked link. The tracked link is usually from a paid ad or an email marketing campaign.

In what ways can your business benefit from it?

Call tracking is not a new thing, however, not many businesses use it. So, what are the businesses missing out on?

1. It brings more value to the calls

Keep in mind, if you do not track the call, they are worth almost nothing. They will only be voices, however, by tracking them, they are converted into valuable information.

2. It will store important information and data


According to experts from, calls from customers are important data that can later be reviewed in order to help you with making important decisions. It ensures that the information is always available since it does not only track the calls but also records them.

3. It is cost and time-efficient

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on surveys in order to determine what customers are interested in, as well as what the new trends are. However, by simply investing in this software, companies will be able to save a lot of money annually.

4. Your staff management will be improved

If you track your calls, you will be able to determine how many calls come in daily, at what time they are received, and how long did the call last. This information can be used to allocate working hours by ensuring that your employees are present at times when they are needed.

5. Better service delivery


By recording your calls, customer complaints can be reviews and then acted upon to make sure that your company will deliver a good service. You will also be able to know what your customers demand and then you will be able to customize their products to meet the demands that they have, hence, providing a better customer experience.


Our world is one that has technological advancements almost daily and those advancements will impact how our businesses work. However, you should not forget or ignore call tracking. It is what will give your company important leads and information and with good tracking software, you can get a wide range of insights that you will need to make important decisions.