How to Announce You Sold a Property as a Realtor

As a realtor, you likely understand that one of the most effective ways you can market yourself is to announce that you recently sold a property. This has been a consistently popular type of advertisement among realtors for a simple reason: it works.

However, it’s worth remembering that there are various ways you can announce that you’ve successfully taken a property off the market. Some yield stronger results than others.

Consider the following examples. If you’re a real estate agent trying to think of ways to announce you’ve sold a property, these ideas can help:

Send Postcards

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to market yourself in the real estate industry. It’s entirely possible to announce you’ve sold a property while sticking to your budget.

For example, realtors often send out real estate marketing postcards when they’ve successfully sold properties. Although this is a fairly “traditional” form of marketing, it’s arguably more effective (and affordable) than some newer approaches.

That’s because we live in an age in which receiving a high volume of email tends to stress people out. As such, sending a physical postcard instead of bombarding the inboxes of potential clients with even more emails can be a way to make a better impression on leads.

Additionally, an email is a piece of marketing content that a lead is likely to delete after they first open it (if they open it at all). That means leads will only engage with emails for a brief period of time.

This isn’t something you need to worry about when you send physical postcards. There’s a good chance many of the people to whom you mail postcards will keep them for a while before thinking to throw them out. If they do, they’ll engage with them more often.

Be aware, you don’t have to design real estate marketing postcards from scratch. Check out the templates and options available via Wise Pelican for more information.

Post Announcements on Social Media

As the above point explained, some traditional methods of marketing yourself as a realtor are still effective to this day. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely dismiss the role technology can play in your marketing efforts.

For instance, it’s a wise idea to have an active presence on social media. After all, some social media platforms literally have billions of active users. Marketing yourself via Facebook, Twitter, and other such platforms is an extremely low cost way to cast a very wide net.

Make a point of posting an announcement on social media whenever you sell a property. This isn’t a substitute for mailing physical postcards, but it can enhance the overall impact of doing so.

Consider Radio Ads

Radio may seem like a fairly old-fashioned channel through which to market yourself, but for certain types of professionals, advertising on local radio stations is actually a smart choice.

Specifically, advertising on radio is an idea worth keeping in mind if you only serve a certain geographic area. If you’re a real estate agent, odds are good you only have the ability to serve clients in a particular region.

Because of this, you don’t need to concern yourself too greatly with trying to reach potential customers from all corners of the country. You can instead optimize your budget by running radio ads on local stations announcing that you’ve just sold a property. The vast majority of people who hear your ads will likely be people who live in the area you serve.

Depending on the types of properties you sell, you may also want to research the listening habits of certain demographics before deciding which stations to run ads on.

For instance, perhaps you tend to sell luxury properties. You may find that the people who can afford to work with you tend to listen to certain stations more often than others. No matter what type of marketing campaign you’re developing, it’s always important to conduct some basic initial research before implementing it.

Send Alerts via an App

This may not be a tip that all realtors can easily apply. Hiring developers to create an app for your business will require a fairly significant financial investment.

That said, if you can justify the cost of developing your own app, seriously consider doing so. An app can promote a unique degree of engagement among your audience, while also ensuring that your business stands out from the competition.

If you do create an app, you may want to give users the option of receiving alerts from it. Such alerts could, of course, let them know when you’ve recently sold a property.

Again, you just want to make sure you give your app’s users the option to not receive alerts if they wish. Sending alerts to users could have a negative impact if users don’t have the choice to receive them. You may even want to tailor your app so that users can choose which types of alerts they receive. Giving your audience options is an easy way to show them that you prioritize their needs and wishes.

Host Celebrations

This idea is somewhat unique. You won’t have the opportunity to apply it every single time you sell a property.

In general, though, when you do sell properties, you may want to ask your clients if they would be willing to have a party to celebrate the recent sale. Of course, you should offer to fund and organize the party yourself.

By hosting an event celebrating one of your recent successes, you can promote hours-long engagement. In fact, across a wide range of industries, marketers are learning that hosting branded events is an effective way to attract new customers while fostering a greater degree of loyalty among existing customers.

All that said, it’s also important to not overwhelm yourself when marketing your business. Start small, focusing on low-cost marketing tactics like sending postcards and sharing news about recently-sold properties on social media.

As you experiment with various approaches to marketing, you’ll learn which deliver the best results. Once you’re comfortable with one approach, you can begin incorporating others into your overall strategy.