Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters cannot recede into the background because there is always a demand for them. Thus, when potential users surf the Internet in order to understand which unit to choose, they regularly come across considerations on whether a gas water heater might be the best choice or it is better to go for a solar water heater. This and other considerations can be solved by finding a contractor. Otherwise, you can learn below the main advantages and disadvantages of gas units.

Main Benefits of Gas Water Heaters

If you are a current user of a solar hot water heater and think of switching to a gas water heater, the benefits of the latter are the following.

1. Fast in Running

Such units are extremely fast when it comes to heating water compared to electric units. For instance, an electric unit may take approximately 1 hour to heat 100 litres of water, while a gas model will do even 200 litre-tank within less than an hour. What does it mean? In simple terms, it leads to understanding that you are less likely to run out of hot water for your domestic purposes and showering/bathing. Then, gas water heaters are perfect for large families of 4 and more because they will meet their demands for hot water.

2. Low Energy Expenses

A solar powered water heater or electric unit are both linked to more energy efficiency because gas units struggle from heat loss from the tank walls and exhaust gasses. On the other hand, an electric or solar water heater system is more expensive. Your energy costs might be shocking. By finding a contractor with Contractorfinder or other services, you can calculate the approximate expenses on your energy bills.

3. Blackouts Don’t Affect Hot Water

As you may guess, gas water heaters work by igniting with a pilot light, while electric units use electric ignition. Thus, when you experience a blackout in your household, you won’t be sad because of the absence of hot water.

4. Easy Installation

If you already have a gas line in your house, there won’t be any complex procedures involved in the installation. You can do everything alone, or by finding a contractor. Everything may take less than one hour. A professional will also guide you through safety precautions to avoid any potential issues.

5. Cleaner Water

Instead of choosing a solar hot water heater kit, your gas unit will provide you with boiled and heated fresh water. Especially, it concerns tankless units that won’t be linked to any collected hard mineral deposits, and rust, of course, if you organize regular maintenance services or alone take care of your unit.

Finally, the advantage may also consist in some discounts or quotes which you may occasionally find with many sources. Surf the Internet for discounts or find the forums where users share their tips on finding the best retailers for your future purchase. Now, let’s move to the downsides involved when choosing a gas water heater.

Main Downsides of Choosing Gas Water Heater

Note, these downsides are based on users’ experience, and professional services who daily come across clients’ complaints, and repair demands.

1.  High Upfront Cost

Yes, your energy bills are most likely to be low compared to electric units, however, gas units upfront costs might be huge. It concerns also maintenance and installation itself where you have to throw money down the drain in pursuit of payback with time. If you maintain the unit properly, you won’t complain about such investment.

2.  Short Lifespan

Unfortunately, gas water heaters live less again compared to electric water heaters. Based on experiments, when both gas and electric units are installed together, and properly maintained, still, a gas model is more likely to live fewer years regardless of how much you try to keep it running for you.

3.  Rare but Possible Issues with Installation

As was said above, the installation is super easy when you have a gas line in your house. But, if there isn’t, hence, some issues might appear. The same concerns set up the ventilation system so you won’t experience any dangerous gas leakage.

4.  Safety Concerns

Last but not least, the con of this unit is your safety concern. Some people are just scared of having gas units in their households because they are afraid of inhaling gas and other popular myths around, you know. Otherwise, such fear is dictated by other issues linked to gas, and it is like a phobia for them to buy gas water heaters. Anyway, by finding a contractor, you will get to know that it is all only myths around, and professionals go the extra mile ensuring your safety which is their highest priority. So, no worries at all, you will be safe and sound.

Now, when you are aware of both the benefits and pitfalls of gas water heaters, what do you think about such a purchase? You should clearly understand that other types of water heaters including electric, solar units have their pros and cons too. For instance, a solar water heater might be a disaster if you come across a breakdown of panels. One part of the panel may cost you a fortune, and you might not be eligible for any coverage of it with a warranty. Then, an electric unit, in turn, might turn your life into debt with monthly energy bills which seem shocking. Speaking of tankless and storage units might turn out to be a challenge also because both variations are linked to downsides too.

All in all, you should first consult professionals in the field who may choose the best water heater type for your needs and household, taking into consideration your expectations regarding the water capacity, payment capacities and even wishes on design. Only after, you will understand whether a gas water heater can be your assistant and may satisfy you in terms of hot water, and space heating.