Another WWE Star’s Naughty Photos Leaked?

If you are somebody that follows the world of wrestling, you probably know that Paige’s naughty photos and video were leaked on the internet just recently. Well, you might not know this only if you are living under the rock. For everybody else, this is old news. But, when that happened, there were reports that she is not the only WWE superstar that was hacked and that more photos of this nature will be released in the future.

Right now, for a couple of days in a row, we could hear the rumors that Alexa Bliss is the next one in this hacking saga. Multiple reports are saying that her photos are going to be leaked next, maybe even as soon as next week. Alexa wanted to go to and immediately shut down the idea that she actually might be the person on any kind of photos that might be leaked. Here is what she said.


“Once again, the risque photos on the Internet supposedly of me are bogus. I am offended and demand these altered photos be removed immediately.”

The fact of the matter is that this kind of stuff can impact the career of any given superstar in a bad way. What they do in their free time is their own business and somebody that really doesn’t have anything else to do but to ruin other people’s lives can’t be someone that is going to flush somebody’s hard work and sacrifice down the toilet. The only thing that superstars can do is to hope that something like this stops as soon as possible.