Apple AirPods available before Christmas

In September this year, Apple Inc. surprised all of us when they launched iPhone 7 without headphone port. Of course, Apple fans described this as a “courageous decision.” Soon afterward, the company announced that they would deliver AirPods, the wireless earphones, in October, but they didn’t keep their promise.

Namely, at the end of the month, Apple explained that they “don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready,” and that they “need a little more time before AirPods are ready for the customers.” Thus, it was left unclear when we could expect these earbuds to be delivered.

People are still speculating about the possibility of Apple launching the new product in December, for the Black Friday is ahead, and that means the shopping season is about to begin. Needless to say, the company will be at a loss if their long-awaited earphones are not available in the market when everybody is buying expensive presents for their loved ones. And AirPods are a perfect gift for everyone. They are Bluetooth-enabled and thus can be used for any device that supports Bluetooth, they have a long-lasting battery, and you get a high-quality sound.

Unfortunately, according to an Apple representative, there have been some rather serious problems with AirPods, so they were forced to postpone the previously confirmed release date and mark AirPods as “currently unavailable” on their website.

However, it is still possible that these earbuds will see the light of day quite soon. AppleInsider reports that December shipment was spotted in the Czech Republic, which means that AirPods are available for preorder. Furthermore, it has been said that a French company Fnac has also promised to have this product by December 15. On the other hand, French website iGeneration reports that Fnac “has a bad history in the launch of Apple products,” so we shouldn’t take the information mentioned above for granted.

All in all, for the time being, we can only go on speculating about AirPods release date, since Apple still hasn’t made any official announcement.