Detroit Lions Make A Statement On Thanksgiving Day

Vikings and Lions were both tied at 6-4 before this Thanksgiving matchup. Two NFC North teams were locked in and ready to fight. A lot was on the line in this game as the winner would take the lead in the division. Even though the squad that won the match would be just one game up on the other team, it’s actually two games since if both teams end up tied, the winner of this game would still win the division.

With all that on the line, Lions were able to complete yet another comeback and end up victorious in this huge divisional duel. Minnesota took the lead just a few plays into the final period of the game with a Field Goal. Lions kept coming back and went on to tie the result midway the fourth quarter.

Then, they made some big-time stops to prevent Bradford and company to get in the field goal range. Slay’s interception in the final moments was huge for this squad. After stopping the Vikings to get into the Field Goal range and then went there themselves in the last seconds of the game. Prater’s kick was good, and that was the end of this exciting final quarter.

This victory puts the Lions right at the top of the NFC North, in a place that nobody expected them to be before this season began. One game lead over the Vikings is actually a two-game advantage while the Packers are now way back in the rankings. Good time to be a fan of the Detriot Lions.