Apple AirPods in Jet Black Available for Order, 58 More Colors Added

When the Apple AirPods were launched, they were only available in white color, but now the fans and future customers will have the option to buy the earphones in Jet Black. The credit for this goes to an aftermarket shop since the company hasn’t mentioned any changes.

According to TechnoBuffalo, ColorWare started to offer the customized AirPods in different colors, 58 of them, to be more precise! What is great is that you can mix them up and choose the yellow for the left piece and black for the right, for example. ColorWare also offers paint samples in swatches of three colors for only $15, and this should help you with your choice.

AirPods Price

However, this comes at a price. First, you need to buy the $159 AirPods, and if you want them in a different color, you need to pay additional $130, which means that the total price is $289. You can also customize the case to your own liking, but that would set you back $30 more.

ColorWare knows that the price is high, but they say that the painting process is unbelievably difficult. AirPods contain a large amount of adhesive that holds everything together inside the earpiece, so if they have to dismantle each earpiece separately, the price is more than reasonable.

When you order, there is 10-12 week waiting period before they ship you the AirPods. However, by finding the earbuds on Amazon you will be getting those a lot faster, but prepare to pay a premium price. If you don’t like any of these two ways, you can find a small company just out of Brooklyn called BlackPods, and their black AirPods cost only $249. You will not have the choice of ColorWare’s 58 different colors, but you can send your own AirPods to BlackPods to get them painted for $99.

However, BlackPods only showed computer-generated earphones, and they have yet to show the completed product. The shop said that they were waiting for the supply of AirPods, according to Apple Insider. Which color would you pick for your AirPods?