Apple Campus 2 will be Completed Next Year

Apple is building a futuristic campus and it will be constructed in 2017.

The Apple workers will relocate to their new home next year if everything goes as planned. The campus has a shape of a spaceship and Steve Jobs, himself, took part in the design of this architectural feat which was probably the largest project he had ever worked on.

Thanks to Matthew Roberts and his footage, we can see the construction site and follow the progress of the complete project. In a video he posted yesterday on YouTube, we can see that the end is near.

The main building, Research and Development Centers, Fitness Center and the garage with the capacity for about 11,000 cars along with the tunnels that lead to the campus center have mostly been completed. About 40 percent of the solar panels have been installed to the solar Powerplant which will provide energy for the whole campus. Also, first trees have been planted.

One of the most interesting places in the future headquarters of Apple is a large underground hall in which Tim Cook will present new devices with his team. If they finish the campus on schedule, the underground hall may be the exact place where they will present their new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

In order to see how the campus itself looks now check out the video below: