Apple decides not to make cars anymore, will make software instead

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Everyone may have been made aware of Project Titan. It is the name of Apple’s private initiative to develop its own product line for automobiles. Apple wanted to create its own self – driving car. However, this ambition seems to be sailing on troubled waters. Bloomberg had even reported recently that the computer company is ditching the idea of building an electric vehicle. It would rather develop the technology that makes these cars plausible.

Apple had already set a deadline for itself on its ambition to become a car company. They have given themselves until the end of the year 2017 to come up with a favorable demonstration. If the car development team is unable to present this proposal within this period, then they would have to forego the project.

The original goal for Apple is to develop an entire Apple vehicle. They wanted to be able to have control on both hardware and software just like the iPhone. They expect to release their first self – driving electric vehicle by 2024.

But Apple decided to draw back on its course with the automobile industry. This decision resulted with Apple having to dismiss many of its employed engineers. The alternative is to collaborate with current car manufacturers to pursue their dream of creating the self – driving car. Perhaps they are learning from its strongest nemesis in the market for the iPhone. Let the car manufacturers take care of the hardware while they work on what they always been good at – software.

Although, Apple may still pursue their ambition sometime in the distant future.

Bob Mansfield had been working in Apple’s executive department for a long time. He is now heading this car project. Bloomberg reports that he is the man behind Apple’s change of plans. He is also the reason many of its employees left the company in the months of August and September.

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The self – driving car may be a strong interest in the market but Apple is aware that the venture travels a difficult path of success. There are many obstacle and it will be quite expensive. Employing the wrong workforce and technology as well as not having the right strategy may bring the company to its downfall. Hence, Apple is quite conservative towards this endeavor.

This new Apple strategy, though, still does not guarantee success. There are a lot of companies competing for their position and most of these companies have already been long established in the industry. Provided that Apple is able to acquire the right strategy for this venture, one question remains. How much are they willing to spend to invest on this automobile project.