Google Glass may not be a total failure after all

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Google wearable reality technology called Google Glass has been described with such words as a disaster, failure, and a flop. Millions of people were excited when Google Glass was launched. Without wasting time they began to think of ways to make use of this new technology to enhance their businesses and their social lives as well among many other possibilities.

Well, Google Glass is not just a crap. Judging from what tech blogs wrote about it, they simply said it failed to meet up to the huge expectations that people had of it. The tech blogs had to even warn all those coming up with such device to avoid the mistake that Google made in coming up with their Glass.

However, it may seem like a lot of people did not really get what Google intended with the Glass. There have been such misconceptions as poor communications, unfavorable media stories that the product received. But from the look of things, it seems like things are turning around for the company as the wearable reality technology may be poised to receive kinder words from all those that made fun of it in the past.

This new change in perception may not be farfetched from Google Glass being intended for an entirely different issue from what people had thought it was meant for. Why many criticisms and shortcomings were poured on the product may not be farfetched from the fact that the product was only meant to be used with Google’s Explorer program. First of all, the price for the product was on the high side which limited a lot of people from getting it and this was intentionally done by Google.

The company wanted to use the first people that will lay its hands on the product to be the testers of the product. What they primarily wanted to do was to learn what people intended to use the product for so as to take note when coming up with future products.

With the result they got, they can produce new products from that alone. What this means is that that first one from Google was only at a beta stage and never intended to be released to the public which makes sense when we consider that the product was never launched as a standalone product.

When the company announced that the Explorer project was coming to an end sometime in the early part of 2015, people were quick to conclude that the Glass was nothing but a huge mistake. They failed to understand that Google was using it to move the device into a stage that is more of an enterprise version.

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With the new version, industries and businesses alike will have better use for the device. People that are living with autism, travelers in the airplane or airplane manufacturers are seeing more use of the device. After it records success with such people, the customers will start seeing it from a different angle.

Even if the product never comes out again, it certainly will not be termed a failure anymore. Every new product comes with its own first falls and this is not different from Google Glass. The company will not be forgotten as the first to come up with such wearable technology.