Apple Eve Sports Car Looks Amazing, Production Impossible

The Apple Car also known as the Project Titan will never reach production despite its stunning look. Nevertheless, the rendering artist from Italy, Alex Imnadze, thought of an Apple-branded sports car which will possibly force the executives to change their mind. The name of this car is the Apple Eve concept, and this is not the first concept with the Apple brand, but it really looks amazing.

As we can clearly see, the concept follows Apple’s “futuristic, minimalistic, pure” approach and these words probably describe the two-door concept in the best way possible. Steve Jobs once said: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

The front end of the car features a single light bar which makes the clean design even more prominent, while there is the similar taillight design on the rear end for a more upscale look. On the side panels, the concept has the Apple logo, which is embedded, whereas only two seats are offered in the interior. It is safe to say that this vehicle has Apple CarPlay as a standard feature and we don’t need any confirmations for this.

Even though we are left in the dark when it comes to performance figures, let’s assume that the Apple Eve is equipped with an electric drivetrain and that autonomous drive mode is available.

This sports car from the Silicon Valley will never be produced, unfortunately. This means that the public will not have a chance to cast their eyes over this amazing Eve concept, as Apple is switching its focus from car-assembly to technology, a statement that a dozen employees confirmed during the process. The hope that the company will be able to test its autonomous technology still remains.