Princess Diaries 3 Release Date and News

At the age of 91, the famous director, writer and producer Garry Marshall, passed away. He will stay remembered for many accomplishments but especially for his brilliant contributions in movies Pretty Woman and Princess Diaries.

Garry has left many project and ideas for Hollywood. One of these projects is the Princess Diaries 3 which would include Anne Hathaway and make her return after dedicating herself to family life and her new-born baby.

Upon hearing about Marshall’s death, Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews and the other actors of the movie paid their last respects. Naming Garry “her hero” Anne posted a profound message on Facebook where she expressed her endless love for him.

Before his death, he was discussing with Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, and with Disney as well, about having a sequel to Princess Diaries. All of them were pretty warmed up for this project, but it was put on hold due to Anne’s taking a break in order to give birth to her first child.

But even though the cast members and the director are on board when it comes to the next sequel, the studio has been silent and has not been giving any specifics about the future of the movie. So, there is nothing that we can do but to sit back and wait. One thing is certain, and that is that Garry had the intentions to bringing the Princess Diaries 3 to life. Perhaps not as the director, but his involvement in the creation of part three was under no question. However, for the time being, we are left with no further information regarding the next movie.