Selfie Feet Comes As A Replacement For Selfie Stick!

It is obvious that we live in crazy times, so no wonder we have an invention like this. Depending who you talk to, Selfie Sticks are as popular now as they were the time they were released, or are on their way out of our lives. Since you have to be in sync with the tech, it is time to make the transfer to something new and something ground braking. That something is called Selfie Feet, and it is a hands-free selfie making device made by the Quin Media Group.

But, we feel that some clarification is needed here despite its name. Selfie Feet is an elastic band with a magnetic button that wraps around your foot. A similar button is attached to your smartphone and just like that these two attach to one another. Thanks to this clever invention you can have your hands free and wave if you like, while your foot does the job of adjusting angles for that sweet spot that will produce the best possible selfie. But right about now you are probably asking yourself how do you actually take the picture?! Well, to truly complete the hands-free experience you get a standalone remote control which controls the camera’s shutter and takes the pic.

Selfie Feet Price

You are probably wondering about the price tag of this magnificent thing. Well, the price is a bargain at $24 for a package that includes the Selfie Feet, a Remote Shutter, one magnet and one CR 2016 battery. The Selfie Feet is slated to start shipping sometime this February, but it had only one condition for that. The requirement is that their Kickstart campaign should raise a single dollar by December 25th, 2016.

Although this is a very clever trinket, it will take a lot of time to dethrone the Selfie Stick and the precision of someone’s hand, but it is a fine attempt nevertheless. Some of you out there might argue that the Podo is a far better solution than this, but as they say, tastes should not be discussed!