Apple had ‘Pie’ project all these while

Come the year 2017, Apple will move not less than 13, 000 employees and executives to Cupertino, California, in a new campus referred to as “death star” or “spaceship.”

This has made us know that Apple will use the old headquarters it has at 1 Infinite Loop for the consolidation of its teams involved in online services and cloud.

The company has plans to unify its employees in cloud computing including iCloud, Maps, Siri and others at its headquarters.

The cloud infrastructure teams of Apple have seen a physical division with management that varies that has resulted in services that are unreliable, which affects the efforts the company is making towards data-oriented car efforts as well. The majority of iTunes services make reports to the company’s online services vice president, Eddy Cue.

With the new move to unify the teams, will help the company achieve what it termed “Pie” which is its developed infrastructure. Already, there is a partial running of Siri, Apple News and iTunes on Pie.

Gurman says that what is more interesting than the news of Apple moving its cloud is the political jockeying that is happening that Apple is experiencing as it moves to the Apple Campus 2 next year.

There are challenges being experienced by Apple managers committee that is handling the transition.

The company obviously has outgrown its present campus that is worth $5 billion. This is because it expected its 13, 000 employees to move without knowing that thousands more might have to move eventually. The company has been seeing massive growth in Sunnyvale and Cupertino in California.

The new campus will see employees who are used to working in compartments work in an open floor plan.

The only people to get formal offices are the vice presidents and above, while senior directors that have been in charge of big teams and receive an annual salary in hundreds of thousands in a year will not have offices to themselves as envisioned.