Apple Inc. (AAPL) Dominates the US Market with 40 Percent Share

Apple New York Store

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is still the undisputed favourite among tech-savvy Americans. The tech giant which occupies a 40% market share as of 2015 has climbed its way to the top of the charts. And on its way to the tap of the ladder it has left behind others like Samsung, LG, and Motorola.

According to a report by Parks Associates, that 86% of the households in the United States of America that have subscribed to the internet are proud owners of at least one smartphone. Following the iPhone, is the South Korean company, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., with a market share of around 31%. The gap between the market shares of both these companies is just 9%, thanks to Samsung’s more pocket-friendly phones.

LG has grabbed the third position among all these smartphones and it has a share of 10%, significantly lower than the other two. Other original Equipment Manufacturers, like Taiwan’s HTC and Motorola, occupy 5% and 4% of the market share of smartphone sales in the US. Others like OnePlus and Huawei, form the minority in the market.

However, the dominance of the iPhone isn’t an indication at all of the dominance of iOS. Beating it is Android, which has managed to become the most favoured operating system among the US households. The data released in the report also indicates how much time the users wait before ditching their old smartphone to upgrade to a new one – and it has revealed that 45% of the households take about two years to do so while 30% take more than that time span.

As we know, smartphones today have revolutionized the world in their own small and ‘smart’ ways, and serve a number of purposes accordingly. The reports give the following statistics – about 70% of the users reportedly use them to watch short video clips while 40% view longer streaming clips. While 24% of the users, use Chromecast to connect the multimedia from their phone to PCs or Televisions; 35% stream music to external speakers for better audibility.

The new trend of Voice recognition software is led by none other than Siri, the much-loved voice amongst Apple consumers. While about 50% of apple users use Siri, only 40% of smartphone users utilize the voice recognition function.

However, in the global smartphone market, Samsung continues to reign supreme. After all, an iPhone isn’t something that everyone can afford. Despite this factor, the iPhone seems to be encroaching on Samsung’s global dominance with a market share gap standing at 6.4% instead of the 9.6% that was last reported in 2014. And with the new and upcoming, iPhone 7, the gap might just get smaller.