Apple Inc. (AAPL) Introduces 8 New Corporate iOS Apps With IBM Partnership

Apple Cupertino headquarters

The collective iOS initiative of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM), called MobileFirst introduced 8 new apps for healthcare and industrial products sector to iPad an iPhone, exclusively. These latest corporate iOS apps have been developed by the two companies in relation to their partnership. The apps have catered specifically to the industrial products as well as healthcare sector as of now.

22 iOS apps

With the introduction of these eight new iOS apps, the total number of applications at MobileFirst is now 22. Also, the aforesaid two new industries have been added to eight previous other sectors, including retail, travel, banking, insurance, utilities and energy, telco, social programs and law enforcement.

These new corporate applications as well as new industries have become a part of three other apps which were launched by the two companies in the beginning of March 2015 while the Mobile World Congress was going on.

An effort to increase iPads and iPhones sales

The partnership with IBM allows Apple to enhance the sales of its two big products, viz. iPads and iPhones. This is enabled by creation of apps meant specifically for a few industries that make use of the analytic expertise as well as huge data of IBM.

There are in all, four applications catering particularly to the healthcare sector. These include the Hospital RN App available on iPhone, Hospital Lead app on iPad, Hospital Tech app available on iPhone and Home RN for iPhone.

As far as the industrial sector apps are concerned, these include Rapid Handover app for iPad, Ancillary Sale app for iPhone, Order Commit app on iPad and Risk Inspect application on iPad.

With these recent IBM MobileFirst applications, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, has lived up to his promise of bringing 14 new apps to the existing spectrum, along with three industries with IBM partnership. He had vouched to do this in January 2015.