Apple Inc. (AAPL) Now Requires iCup Technician To Brew Coffee

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has a new job posting that is very different from its other job postings. The company requires an ‘iCup Technician’. Apple posted the job description on June 28 and Time was the first to notice it.

“The Apple iCup Services is specially designed to provide a fresh brew coffee to all Apple employees within their department. The iCup staff is also available on call during business of operation,” the posting reads.

Serving coffee

The required skill set for the job is the ability of repairing the coffee machines and making deliveries. The applicant is, also, required to have an add-on skill of working with computers.

The incumbent will form a part of the company’s “iCup Services” department and will be posted at the company’s offices located at its campus in Santa Clara Valley, California. During the business hours at the offices in the said campus, employees coffee call should be taken immediately by the technician. The company believes that anyone, who has an experience of working with the coffee machines along with zeal to learn and grow, would be a suitable choice for the said designation.

Is it anything else?

Posting gives an impression that the company is trying to fill in a vacancy in its new café, but the buzz in the market is it could be the name of a new smart device after the much hyped smartwatch iWatch and the new iPhone 6.

The prefix ‘i’ has been kept in line with the name of many of its offering under the brand for example, iPhones and iPads and this draws a lot of attraction. The company is reportedly hiring experts to ramp up its Siri’s division for wearable devices and for its next generation software, and with this the need of an iCup technician might have come from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).

The title surely sounds fancy with ‘i’ as prefix, sounding more a new web-connected athletic protective wear or smart home coffee concept, but the description clarifies that the listing is for “someone to brew coffee to all Apple employees.”