Apple Inc. (AAPL) Testing Smart Lock System, Reveals Patent

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has filed a patent with US Patent and Trademark Office revealing company’s plan to use a technology that can track the user’s location and alter the lock-code accordingly. The company is looking for a way to minimize the exasperation that a user feels while punching the security codes in mobile.

Security intensity depends on location

Technology to be inserted in the phone to work on some usual locations such as home, work, and car based on GPS or an identified Wi-Fi network, according to Patently Apple. For instance a user sitting at home will not require any pin-code to unlock the phone. On the contrary, at jam-packed places higher-level of security would be needed.

“Because some locations may be inherently more secure, such as a user’s home or office, these locations may be considered ‘safe’ and require less stringent security,” Apple wrote in its patent application. It read that users would wish for a lighter security arrangement in their phones at secure locations.

Google is not far behind, when it comes to offering more secure devices to its users. The software giant discussed similar feature for its upcoming Android version during its annual I/O conference, last month. Google named the feature as personal unlocking stating that users will get options to lock their phones based on location.

More focus on security from Apple

The iPhone maker is striving to fetch some distinguished and more secure locking system for its devices. Just last year, the company baked Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S in which users need to swipe their fingers on the phone to unlock the phone. Back in March, another patent filing revealed that the Cupertino, Calif-based company is testing a system that would allow users to sync all of their devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets with the same biometric data.

Just couple of days back, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) with the aspiration to tighten security for its devices launched a brand-new lock device Mac Pro Security Lock adapter for $49. The price point sits less than some of the locking devices that mushroomed ever since the launch of new Mac Book. The company said that the latest security locker will enable use of a compatible Kensington or similar style third-party lock (sold separately) to keep Mac Pro secure.