Facebook Inc Extends Suggested Events Feature With ‘Events for You’

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is committed making its users hooked to the site and thus keeps on making changes quite frequently, and it has plans of rolling out one new feature (or rather building on the old feature) of suggested events soon. A few years ago in 2011 a new feature of suggested events was rolled out by its company, and now ‘Events for You’ is being introduced by Facebook with a redesigned role of event discovery. The feature was first spotted by TechCrunch.

In testing phase

The company has made available the redesign only for selected users indicating that this is a testing phase. With this, Facebook users will find that their Events page look is much more organized than what it used to be earlier. The feature displays a number of events for the users to choose from in the form of a list that appears on the right-hand side column.

The events are recommended by the Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), and the users can opt for another list just with the help of one click. Facebook uses various factors as the basis for selecting the events to be suggested to the user. These include the apps used most frequently by the user, the places visited and checked-in, liked Pages and the type of connection with friends.

More revenue source

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has been criticized by many for isolating users from the world in reality by connecting people online. The negative image has affected the social networking site in the form of parting users, who have chosen to leave the site by either deactivating or deleting their accounts. Though the net users are increasing, but the pace has slowed down. To keep its existing users from leaving, the company is trying its best, and to regain its popularity they have introduced this events feature that it will successfully help its users.

The social networker, also, sees this as an excellent way to generate revenue by attracting the event organizers, who would probably like to use the platform for advertising and promoting their services. The company generates most of its revenue from advertising and wants more and more businesses to use its advertising services.