Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPads Will Borrow Split-Screen Viewing Feature From Microsoft’s Surface

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is always open to learning and this time it seems to be inspired by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s tablets that have unique split screen feature. It is reported that Apple will showcase its new iOS 9 version at WWDC event, where it will bring split-screen viewing mode to iPad apps.

The feature will allow iPad users to either browse two different apps simultaneously or have two different views appear on the same window right next to each other.

A sensible move

By having split screen mode, Apple will empower its users to accomplish tasks with great ease. It will let users locate a restaurant on one side of the screen and then book a table online on the other. Adopting split-screen feature is a sensible move for Apple for its large 12-inch iPad, where a single app display alone would have been regarded as a waste of the huge display.

Apple’s iPads, which come with a very large touch screens and are developed to target content and entertainment driven users fail to match Microsoft’s Surface tablets in terms of productivity.

iPads’ minimal productivity

The lack of productive usage in iPads led to its sales tumbling year over year as users have fewer reasons to go for big screens for tasks they can accomplish with their handy Smartphones. Therefore, Apple’s idea to bring in split-screen functionality could help it reclaim the lost glory of iPads.

It is arguable that iPads are cool as far as productive tools are concerned such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs available on the Apple App Store. However, those intending to achieve any comprehensive task find themselves lost in the process of switching in between various tabs. Overall, Apple’s move to embrace split-screen viewing when implemented will be its best decision and will finally do justice to its wide screen iPads.