Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s New iOS Power Mode Boasts of More Battery Life

iPhone 6

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has declared a brand new low power mode for its devices having iOS9. According to Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, the added life was as a result of leveraging things on the device that most iPhone users were unaware of.

This is welcome news for iPhone users whose devices struggle to reach a day on a one time charge. What’s more is that without harnessing the low power mode, iOS9 has been specifically optimized to operate more efficiently and extract an extra hour of battery life from the iPhone.

Underneath the on/off switch for low power mode in iOS9, there is displayed a mild warning that switching to low power mode brings down performance and networking activity to increase battery life. In short the mode will deactivate certain functions of the phone for the purpose of saving the battery.

When the low power mode is activated, there is only manual retrieval of emails and deactivation of background refreshes and downloads. Additionally, motion effects and brightness come down, network speed drops and animated wallpapers are deactivated. Though users can enable Low Power Mode whenever they wish, iOS9 will notify enabling it when battery power drops to 20% and 10% respectively. Also when the mode is turned on, the battery indicator’s color will become yellow.

Just by updating to iOS9, users will experience around an hour increase in battery life. Apple disclosed that it would be leveraging the proximity and ambient light sensors present in the iPhone to ascertain when the Smartphone is face down on a surface. If it determines the phone is lying on its front, the operating system will not switch on the display even on receiving a new notification.

Included in iOS9 settings is a relatively more detailed listing of which apps are consuming the most and least quantity of power from the Smartphone. Hence, the user can make informed decisions to shut down relatively power draining apps.

While low power mode is a fresh arrival to Apple’s devices, similar features have existed in many Android smartphones. In Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6, the low power mode switches the display to grayscale mode and disables many functions.

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