Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Messenger Gets a Game

Facebook Messenger Logo

Within hours of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) adding a feature or trimming one, experts with a nose for all-things Facebook are likely to detect it. This time TechCrunch was quick to pull up the newest of Facebook’s update to its April launched platform, Messenger.

As Facebook claims, Doodle Draw Game is the first full-fledged game on the Messenger. Before this, there was the avatar-driven video messaging cartoon game, Talking Tom, delivering video messages on the Messenger. Apart from that, the platform only had content developing apps, including GIF, as well as sound-effects apps.

However, Facebook has attempted to rework the charm of Messenger platform for things more engaging than just curated content consumption or creation. The company has now opened this platform to developers to build what they please.

Doodle Draw Game is a cloned-take on a popular iOS game, Draw Something. The game was a favorite on the Android as well. Draw something become so popular that it was soon bought by Zynga for a premium price.

How is Doodle Draw Game played?

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Messenger’s first full-fledged game, Doodle Draw works on the same lines as the classic Pictionary game. So, you begin by sending a friend a scribble and a limited set of colors. The second player has to be able to guess the picture you want to draw. The game continues by players earning points or buying more colors.

The game-plan that Facebook Inc has in place, for the Doodle Draw game roll-out is clear. It is not the revenue that it will concentrate on at this point, but longer engagement of its users on the Messenger. The more they are engaged the more ads they will consume, in the long run. However, there is considerable negativity associated with Facebook games, given the past experience with Facebook Desktop spamming News Feed.