Apple Inc. (AAPL) Fixes iMessage Bug Problem for Non-iPhone Users

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has finally fixed the server bug problem that was affecting iMessage users when they tried to switch to another OS platform. The solution designed is simple and easy to use.

Customers using a non-Apple device need to deregister from iMessage. By doing so they will not receive any text messages or SMS sent from an iPhone.

The problem

The customers were facing the problem of missing text messages after they switched to some other OS platform. There was a problem of bug that was not allowing the Apple staff to keep a record of phone numbers associated with the iPhone. It is important information needed to run the iMessage system efficiently. However, the bug created a problem in the database due to which the text messages of former iPhone users were treated as iMessage. Therefore, these messages were captured by Apple’s data-center resulting in the problem of missing text messages.

The solution

The customers will be relieved to know that Apple has fixed bug issue. There will be no more problems for the customers who switch from iOS platform to another platform. Apple has introduced a new tool that customers can use to deregister their phone number from Apple’s iMessage system. It will stop routing of text messages into iMessage system.

The other benefits

The tool will be useful even in the cases when a user forgets to disable iMessage system before switching devices. Now, they won’t have to disconnect the device from Apple account. They can enter the phone number into deregistration site following which they will receive a verification code. They just need to punch in the code to disable iMessage from their device. As of now, the problem of missing texts seems to be solved. Apple is working on a complete solution package that will be available as a ‘software update’ in the future.