Apple Watch 3 – Rumors, Release Date, Specs

Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 2 at the event held on September 7, 2016. The new Series 2 is a significant step forward, and it will come with GPS, water-resistance, dual core processor and better display. Here, we will talk about what would be great on the new Apple Watch 3 and some rumors and speculations regarding it.

Apple Watch 3 Price and Release Date

The Series 3 is expected to arrive in September this year, and this would be a natural upgrade cycle, according to the report from China’s Economic Daily News. However, some rumors suggest that new gadget will be introduced in 2018. We might even see a Series 2 ‘S’ in March this year, and if it comes out, it will add extra storage options.

The starting price of the Series 3 is expected to be £369 and £399 for the 38mm and 42mm device respectively. These are the prices of the Series 2 watch, and we think the Series 3 will inherit those figures but also those might be a little bit more expensive.


Apple Watch 3 will be like the Watch 2 with possible changes in straps, FaceTime camera and some people believe that it might even come with a circular design, which would be really great. But, the basic shape could remain the same only with new colors for the customers to choose from.

Apple recently filed a patent named “Magnetic Wristband” and according to AppleInsider, this patent might be incorporated in Apple Watch 3 for greater functionality. As the name indicates, the wristband will have a set of magnets that will allow two sides to join. You will be able to wrap the strap around the watch and thus protect the screen, or you can double it up and create a stand.

The front facing camera was rumored on the Series 2, but it didn’t appear, so we expect it on the Apple Watch 3. If it arrives, it will be installed into the top bezel of the smartwatch, and it could cater for FaceTime, selfies or perhaps both and Apple might allow video to be filmed or just photos to be captured.

Apple Watch 3 – Battery Life

There are so many rumors about the battery life for the Series 2, which received larger pack but it ended up with the same battery life as the original. The US tech giant claimed that the Apple Watch comes with “all day battery life” the device needs to be charged day in day out. According to the report from the Chinese Economic Daily News, improving battery life will be a priority, so we expect that the new device will have enough capacity for it to last at least 2-3 days.

Qi wireless-charging capabilities

Apple Watch’s wireless charging is one of the best features, but the problem is that if your battery runs out, you will have a hard time finding the charger quickly. The best solution for this issue is Qi charging, which is becoming more popular and which Samsung started incorporating in their phones. Even McDonalds will support Qi charging as they will install 600 Qi hotspots in 50 restaurants and these hotspots will be available for people to use.

Smart Strap

We can see smart straps on the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, and it would be great if these are to be implemented in the Apple Watch 3. You can cover the strap in LED and make your smartwatch unique, but what is really amazing is that the strap can give your watch extra battery power.

For the people who use the watch to practice, they can opt for the workout strap with more sensors and thus improve fitness functionality of the Watch.

Touch ID and Storage Space

Many people expected to see the Touch ID in the Series 2, but that didn’t happen. Now we hope that the Touch ID will be integrated into the Apple Watch 3 and if that turns out to be true, the owners will enjoy their smartwatches more than before.

Currently available version offers 2GB of storage space, but Sony Smartwatch 3 and Moto 360 Sport come with 4GB of internal storage space, which is a significant difference and a reason why we expect Cupertino tech giant to upgrade in this segment. So, hopefully, Apple Watch 3 will come with 4-16GB of storage space.

ARM Cortex A32 Processor

Another segment in which new device will go further is processor power, and instead of S1P and S3 dual-core chips, we expect the new watch to come with ARM Cortex A32. Why is this processor so special? Well, it offers better battery life and upgrades performance of the gadget.

“The Cortex-A32 delivers 25% more efficiency (performance per mW) than the Cortex-A7 in the same process node. Cortex-A32 delivers this efficiency through a combination of both performance improvements and power reduction,” says ARM. Unlike Cortex-A7 and Cortex-A5, the Cortex-A32 comes with new power management option, which offers more capabilities for those applications already in your watch that require a small amount of power.

Moreover, they said: “The ARM Cortex-A32 processor is the smallest, lowest-power ARMv8-A application processor designed to bring efficiency and architectural improvements. The Cortex-A32 is based on an 8-stage in-order pipeline that has been extensively optimized to implement the 32-bit instruction set of the ARMv8-A architecture profile in the smallest possible die area while significantly reducing dynamic power consumption compared to the current leader, the Cortex-A7 processor.”

Do you agree with these predictions about the Apple Watch 3?