Apple’s next flagship iPhone 8 is code named “Ferrari”

Apparently, Apple is in fifth gear as of lately, and they are planning to reveal three new phones in 2017, at least according to a leaked document obtained by cnBeta. But this time something special is cooking over at Apple and its, kind of, tied to the automobile industry. If you are scratching your head and wondering how come, well let us explain.

By now you probably know that the two new smartphones that Apple is planning on revealing are known internally by their code names “D20” and “D21” which stand for the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, but the third phone is what interests us the most. The iPhone 8 also has an internal code name, well two that we know about, one is “D22,” but the other one that we prefer more is “Ferrari.”

The set code name is probably because it will be Cupertino’s new flagship, according to rumors at least, and that is why this association makes sense. We highly doubt that it has any connection to the Maranello and the “Ferrari” brand, code name is just because the iPhone 8 is going to be a that much high-end device.

The reports are oozing with flagship phone’s specifications and if any of them pan out it will host an AMOLED instead of the LCD screen, it will going to come without a bezel and will switch metal in favor of glass for its body. The internals of the phone are changing heavily, and will according to AppleInsider reports host a motherboard that will be split into two parts – one for the operating hardware and one for the cellular and WiFi components. We also managed to get our hands on the video, that doesn’t show the actual phone, but a rendering of it and if everything from the video gets in the iPhone 8 then it will truly be a “Ferrari” of the future smartphones. Check it out.