The Curse of Oak Island Season 4: the brothers’ net worth and some other useful information

The Curse of Oak Island Season 4 has achieved tremendous success with two brothers Rick and Marty Lagina in the van. This has intrigued its fans who would now want to know if there is the next season on the horizon as well as the amount of the brothers’ net worth.

The treasure which is buried deep down on the Oak Island is still under the veil of mystery which could be unraveled in the Season 4.

When it comes to the famous brothers, it seems as if their aspirations from a very young age have pulled them towards this quest. Namely, Marty Lagina, who is the younger brother, was employed in the energy business and according to the Net Worth his 2016 assets were estimated to around $2.2 million.

Both brothers were born in Kingsford, Michigan, but unlike Marty, Rick worked in postal delivery business. Rick’s net worth of 2016 is said to reach as much as $500 thousand. Their springboard was precisely this reality show, The Curse of Oak Island, which is aired History Channel.

There are many findings that emerged in this current season. For instance, gray metal that was found looks like a diminished Oak Island. Also, the mystery that revolves around the ancient shipwreck is on its way to being revealed. However, the focus is still on finding the long-desired treasure which was the central motive of this quest.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 – Will it happen?

Each episode of the season 4 ends on a sad note which gives the impression that there will not be the season 5, to many fans’ dismay. However, while we’re waiting for some announcements about the next season, the audience can still enjoy the exciting season 4.