Apple’s next-gen exposed chip is so powerful that it’s scary

It has been concluded that Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 plus are the most powerful smartphones presently seen in the world. In the aspects of test on paper using raw benchmark as well as in performance, the new phones by Apple gave others a run for their money. They are said to be more powerful than iPad Pro tablets which is the latest from Apple’s tablet category.

Even with the phones said to be the very powerful, the company is not resting on its oars as it is already embarking on the next generation products that surpass what it has at the moment. There seems to be a leak in the benchmark tests from the company that has exposed the monumental gains that we will see like nothing we have seen in the latest iPhone 7 and Plus.

According to Techtastic, a Dutch gadget blog, they directed us to the leak that can be seen on Weibo where someone under a hidden identity revealed the Geekbench benchmark that are said to be from Apple’s A10X test scores. The company is yet to state that it will make use of the chip but there are expectations that it is what will be behind iPad Pro tablets that will be launched in the early part of 2017.

The A10 Fusion chipset that the iPhone 7 has can handle 3490 scores using a single-core Geekbench that is quite impressive and for multi-core tests will handle 5580 tests. What then is the comparison? From what we gathered from the leak, the score of Apple’s A10X is a paltry 4236 on a single-core test Geekbench which on multi-core test it scored 6588.

Apart from revealing the impressive nature of Apple’s A10X next-gen chip, following the curve, one can easily detect how powerful the chip – A11 Fusion that will be the brain behind iPhone 8 will be.