Moving Hacks: 8 Apps You Can Use For Your Upcoming NYC Move

Moving to a new home can be a daunting process. With many things to prepare and organize, the whole transition can become extremely stressful, especially for the first-timers. Luckily, in a world wherein technology plays a significant role in people’s lives, carrying out a relocation has become easier and hassle-free. This is actually where the use of several moving apps comes into play. With these innovations, the moving process can become more convenient for everyone involved.

Thus, before you search google for the best moving company nyc or nyc movers etc, and if you want your upcoming move to be as seamless as possible, below are the five relocation apps you can use from the get-go:

1. Move Advisor

If you want to stay organized throughout the move, using the Move Advisor app can be a great idea. This software comes with advanced features and tools that allow you to keep track with your moving tasks and make the transition a less stressful one. For example, by downloading Move Advisor, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Creating to-do list using the platform to keep yourself organized throughout the relocation;
  • Using the home inventory tool to list down all your belongings and make sure they’ll not get lost or misplaced during the move;
  • Searching for the best moving company in your area like from the comfort of your home using the app’s listing of potential relocation service providers.

2. Zillow

If you haven’t found a new home yet, then the Zillow app may give all the information that you need so you can find the perfect place to move in. This popular moving software can provide you with up-to-date home listings in your area, making it easier for you to narrow down your options.

Instead of browsing through the web and clicking on each link to find a potential home, using Zillow makes the whole search process much more convenient. What’s also good about this app is that it can help you connect to a good real estate agent who can assist you in the whole home-buying process.

3. OfferUp

Moving can be considered the perfect time to walk around your house and cut down all the unnecessary items. Instead of bringing all your stuff to your new home, it can be a good idea to declutter your old home and leave the things you no longer use behind. But, in order to get rid of these things more quickly, installing the OfferUp app on your mobile phone can be a good thing to do.

With this software, getting rid of all unnecessary items is no longer difficult. Just take beautiful photos of your items and post them on the platform for the potential buyers to see and buy. Instead of having a garage sale, you can remove these unwanted things from your possession without hassle with the help of OfferUp.

4. Sortly

When it comes to packing, using the Sortly app is important to the process. This is especially true if you’re dealing with lots of stuff and you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, with the availability of moving technology, packing is no longer a challenging undertaking.

With Sortly, you can make the packing process a seamless one. For instance, it has a certain feature that allows you to categorize your items based on certain groups. Whether you’re boxing up your things based on necessity, the room it belongs to, and many more, this moving app is very useful.

5. TaskRabbit

Of course, moving isn’t just about packing and transporting your belongings from point A to point B. But, it’s also about transforming your new place into a home before you move in. In short, you may need to carry out some home renovation projects to make your new space livable upon your arrival. These projects can include interior painting, repair or replacement of the roof and the flooring, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and many more.

However, unless you can do these home upgrades by yourself, you have to hire contractors to do the transformation for you. To help you find the right people for the job, having TaskRabbit as one of your moving apps makes a lot of sense. This software can help you connect to the best professionals in your area. Just tell what you need and the app will find who you’re looking for. And while you’re busy with the renovations, you can work with the best moving company in NYC or wherever you may be, and ask them to take care of the challenging aspects of the relocation.

6.  Doodle

People often move to New York City because of a big number of business opportunities they can find there. If that’s the case, then you will definitely need some time for yourself. The best way to recharge your batteries for a new working week is to go to a party with new friends or potentially make new friendships there.

Anyway, how are you going to know where the best clubs, restaurants, and cafes are when you still haven’t managed to explore the town? Well, with apps like Doodle, things are going to be way easier. With this app, you will manage to see all the interesting locations and dates for parties, dates, and other entertaining moments. Doesn’t this seem like something that deserves your attention?

7.  Dolly

If you are a DIY type of mover, then we are pretty sure you need some assistance. Of course, we understand why you are not willing to hire a moving company. You are not willing to spend money on that (this service is relatively cheap btw) and you are confident enough in your ability to complete everything on your own.

Well, if in case you decide on DIY move, but you still need to find someone who is ready to transport a couple of items for you, then Dolly is the right app for you. You will manage to find local helpers anr truck owners that are doing this part of the job mostly as freelancers. They help people deliver or move a couple of items (not a lot of them) for a relatively affordable price. Book an assistant with a couple of moves and ensure yourself peace of mind (yes, moving is a stressful process, we know that).

8.  Magicplan

You probably already know that floor plans are something you will have to pay attention to when moving to another house. The schedule of the furniture and other items inside your room will determine the comfort level without any doubt. However, if you are not an interior designer, then you will probably need a tool that will help you complete this part of the job successfully. One of the apps that can definitely help you with this type of job is magicplan.

Magicplan is a phone and tablet friendly app that will measure your rooms, scan them, and then allow you to use drag-and-drop interface to complete the floor plan. This would basically mean that you can know how your new home is going to look even before you put all the stuff inside it.

Another great feature of this app is annotations and 3D models. After you make, for instance, 3D models of your new home, you can export them to JPG, PNG, PDF, and other file variants. Yet, we need to mention that this app is not free. You will need to pay 9.99 dollars a month to get the opportunity to use it. However, we are pretty sure you will need to only once (after you move in). Spending those 10 dollars is not expensive, isn’t it?


Typically, there’s no easy way to move from one home to another. But, with the advent of technological advancements nowadays, such as the moving apps mentioned above, the process of relocating and hiring an NYC long distance moving company such as Roadway Moving has become more convenient for you and anyone who is looking to move in the future.